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Uniformed Group in the Valley Phoenix, Arizona by Vernal Eduardo - March 4, 2011 11:22 A.M.  ​

​" Bolt Force" will take to the Valley by surprise and their participants are not young with problems of alcohol, attitude or the bunnies of a tycoon of the magazines for adults: the main characters are a uniformed and armed civil commando unit that fights crime in the streets of the metropolitan area of Phoenix. This is at least what is explained in a news bulletin sent by Phoenix councilman Michael Nowakowski, these are armed commandos formed by ex--police, ex--officials of the Office of the Sheriff, professional ex--members of the Armed Forces and bodyguards. The bulletin explains that this designated commando name is "Bolt Force" Bolt Force will patrol the streets of Phoenix and the cities bordering having monitored and reporting to the authorities any criminal activity that they detect until this Sunday 6 of March. " We are going to sweep the streets and to report the criminal acts that we find, our mission is to protect the communities from criminals" , it explained Tony Rowley or " Bolt", resident of Phoenix and who was in the Armed Forces and also of the police, it explains that his commandos will be armed with semiautomatic pistols, pistols " Taser" , tear gas and that the arms will be used only in case they are necessary; however, it mentions that Bolt Force no doubt will be using his weapons if some of his commandos are in danger. " The commandos are trained professionals who worked in agencies of public order and we are trained to fight with any situation of risk, but we will no doubt use force i necessary" , explains " Bolt". According to the document provided by Nowakowski councilman, who by the way was very open to give his opinion on this subject, the group will be dressing a dark uniform similar to S.W.A.T of the Phoenix Police Department, in bullet-proof vests and patches that exhibit a Lightning Bolt. The question of what type of crimes they will be looking for " Bolt" mentions that a specific crime does not exist and that the commandos made up of more than 20 people will patrol alleys and streets to find criminal acts. " We will carry out different tactical approaches with which they are trained to stop suspects" , it comments " Bolt" when explaining on the strategy they would use in case the suspects do not cooperate. " We will stop them at all cost" until police arrive; , he responds " Bolt" ; " we will do the necessary thing so that the criminal will no longer roam the streets" , it added. Nevertheless, really nothing is known on this group of civilians that looks to fight crime in  populated areas made up of primarily minorities, less on which it could affect communities that already feel intimidated by uniformed law enforcement. " We do not look to enforce immigration laws, agencies already exist in charge of that, we try is to eliminate the crime in the streets of Phoenix" , he declared " Bolt". In the same way it explains that his commandos will not discriminate at the time of executing a civilian  arrest. " The one that is criminal is criminal, color" does not concern us; , the leader of this organization explains that the patrolling areas are decided based on statistics of crimes committed in the area. In agreement with the bulletin provided by Nowakowski, the authorities already are alerted on these armed commandos and that do not have affiliation with any department of police in the Valley. In the same way, the Voice requested some opinion on the militias or the groups of armed civilians who act in the state and the following questions arise: Who decides who is criminal and who is committing a crime; who's jurisdiction is it to do this, who monitors them?
For more information it calls to Nowakowski councilman to 602-262-7492.
​It contacts the reporter:​​

Bolt Force Comes to South Mountain
by South Mountain W.O.R.K.S Coalition on Thursday, March 3, 2011 at 10:10am
March 1, 2011 Date and Time: March 1, 2011, 1930 hours to approximately 2230 hours. 
Location: Baseline Road to Dobbins Road, Central Avenue to 7th Avenue
Bolt Force has contacted us to let us know they will be in the Phoenix area.
Bolt Force is headed by Mr. Tony Rowley.
It is a group of volunteers, made up of former law enforcement personnel, security people, private investigators and such. The Bolt Force people will be dressed in black, including ballistic vests and some will have Bolt Force written on their clothing. Most notably they will have side arms, but no long guns. They will have "non-lethal" things such as pepper balls available to them. It is quite possible that their appearance will resemble "task force" officers.
The purpose of Bolt Force, as I understand, is to provide a presence in an area to deter crime. If they see a crime being committed they will call the police. They do not intend to make any arrests of criminals unless it becomes absolutely necessary. Mr. Rowley describes his group as being similar in nature to the Guardian Angels, but there are some very obvious differences. The Police Department is not facilitating nor participating in this project at this time.