​​​​​- Bolt Force is made up of unpaid volunteers.
​​- We carry semi-automatic weapons and non-lethal weapons.
​- Bolt Force was created in 2010. While working for a security company Bolt couldn't chase criminals off from properties because of liability reasons. Out of frustration Bolt created "Bolt Force" so he could fight crime as a citizen without any limitations other than the laws of the land.​
- Our primary objective is to observe and report illegal activity to local law enforcement agencies.​
- In certain situations we will detain or execute a citizens arrest in accordance to local laws.
​- People ask how we catch criminals instead of the police. The Police are easily visible in patrol vehicles and therefor can easily be hid from. Police are more reactive than proactive to crimes.
Few cities have foot patrols nightly and if they do it's only in areas like Times Square or Las Vegas Strip.
Bolt Force targets the high crime areas of a city and is stealthy, dressed all in black body armor. We are like shadows in the night and the criminals have no idea we are there. When they see us it's to late. They are surrounded by Bolt Force.
​​- Bolt Force uses real time statistics on crimes, so they know what square area to target. The real time statistics tell them what type, location, date and time of every crime in a city. Bolt Force is then placed in the cluster spots of crime within the city to make it a safer place to live and play.​
- ​If you cannot legally carry a weapon then you cannot be a member of Bolt Force.
​- We only use our weapons as a last resort!! Weapons are used for defensive, not offensive purposes!
​- We do not just fight crime, but are on the street to help citizens in need.
​- Bolt Force is real live danger, excitement and drama each night we go out. It is not fake! It's Reality!
​- We have had nothing but praise from citizens and business owners.
- We do NOT enforce immigration! ​ ​We do not discriminate or target one specific group of people!​
- Our patrol is generally between 9pm and 3am give or take.
​- We are not Vigilantes as some have suggested. We always stay within the confines of the law and will never be judge or jury!
​- Some of us being former law enforcement understand what it takes to not be a hindrance to law enforcement, but an asset.
​- As soon as a criminal is engaged, local law enforcement is notified immediately to assist in catching the criminal.
​- We have a great working relationship with police!
​- We are currently expanding to other states and countries.
- Bolt Force originated in Phoenix, Arizona, with new members in other cities.​
- We do not focus on a specific crime or criminal to go after.​
​- Bolt Force is NOT fake or a TV idea. Bolt Force is a neighborhood watch made up of a group of individuals.