“BOLT FORCE” is a well trained Armed Volunteer Crime Fighting Force made up mostly of former law enforcement, current and/or former bounty hunters,​ bodyguards, security and military personnel that are uniformed and armed so they are easily identified by members of the community. ​​

Our mission is to assist communities as private citizens concerned about the safety of those who can't defend themselves and provide a safe environment for residents to live, work and play.​We patrol dangerous neighborhoods to deter crime.

BOLT FORCE can and will detain or arrest any person found in the commission of a crime under the guidelines of the laws set forth by Federal, State and local authorities.​

BOLT FORCE provides community assistance for non-crime related situations during our patrols.​

BOLT FORCE is the first of its kind in the nation! Unlike the Guardian Angels​ we are dressed in black body armor and armed. ​​​​​​​​

BOLT FORCE is NOT a law enforcement agency or associated with Federal, State or Local Law Enforcement Agencies!

We are a civilian force and do not claim to be a credited law enforcement or security agency.

We dress all in black to be stealthy when fighting crime at night, we wear body armor only for our protection from criminals and carry weapons only for our protection.

We distinguish ourselves to others by saying we are not Police, we are Bolt Force, a civilian crime fighting force and have patches that say Bolt Force.

In a time of law enforcement cut backs and hiring freezes, citizens are helping out, but no where in the country to the extent of BOLT FORCE.


About Us